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Back to School

Yes, I know other parts of the country have been back to school for a few weeks already, but around here the kids are enjoying one last hurrah this weekend before heading back into class next week.

My dining room table is covered with school supplies, which makes my heart sing. Is there anything more fun than all that brand new stuff? The boys aren't quite as impressed with it all as I am, but they humor me each time I ask, "Isn't it cool?"

I admit, I love the routine of the school year. The definite start time, end time. The knowledge that everyone is on the same page (or supposed to be) in terms of what they're studying and where they need to be.

What are you doing to celebrate the return to school? Or the last weekend of freedom as my children have dubbed it. (so dramatic...I wonder where they get that?)


Beauty of the Bundle: Spotlight on Sabrina York and Brought To His Knees

The bundles are loved. The bundles are hated. But, either way, the bundles are landing authors on some big lists and for that reason alone, it doesn't appear that they'll be going anywhere soon. They remind me of the anthologies that were so popular a few years ago...but with more punch. More pizzazz.

I decided to chat with friend, author Sabrina York about her newest bundle...we were going to talk about bundles in more general terms, but that conversation got much too long to put on the blog. Maybe someday we'll get there. :-) Tell me what you think about box sets in the comments and be entered to win this bundle!

But, here's what she had to say about Brought to His Knees, along with a excerpt of her story, Whipped.

Who Doesn’t Want a Man Brought to His Knees by Love? Eleven Scorching Stories for 99¢

I was thrilled when my latest venture, the Hot Alpha SEALs Megaset, hit the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller lists and I am very excited about my next release, a collection of steamy stories about men brought to their knees by love. Check out a taste of my story, and read on for more teasers from the collection.

Brought to his Knees Box Set
The Alpha male. Strong. In control. Letting no one and nothing rule him…until he meets the one, and all bets are off. The world tilts, the bed rocks, and suddenly that tough guy finds himself Brought to His Knees—in more ways than one. This collection of ten hot to erotic novellas and one short erotic novel will take you on journeys of lust, love, and adventure, leave you breathless and quite possibly in need of a cold shower. Enter with anticipation. Finish satisfied…

By Sabrina York

Dane Coulter is mourning the loss of his best friend, fellow Special Ops buddy, Cody. Oh, Cody didn’t die. It’s worse. He’s getting married. Cody is, in Dane’s opinion, whipped.

Dane swears he will never suffer the same fate. But when he meets a woman who can take all his dominant loving and beg for more, he realizes he may have met his match. It’s a damn shame she’s the one woman in the world his man-code deems untouchable…his best friend’s sister.

Read an Excerpt (18+ Only, Please—this is steamy stuff)
He was bigger than he’d been in high school. Bigger, taller and just…more. His muscles, lacquered by a tight black tee shirt, bulged. Tattoos danced over his biceps. The planes of his face were angled. High cheekbones, dark brows, long blade of a nose all the same, but sharper. His eyes hadn’t had those shadows back then either, that predatory glint. His hair—his thick mop of curls—was gone, shaved off, revealing the perfect shape of his head. His chin, however, wasn’t shaved. It was covered by a smattering of dark fuzz. A scar on his cheek, rather than detracting from his looks, made him even more fascinating, dangerous.
And he smelled…delicious. As he moved, his cologne, a clean enticing scent, enveloped her in a cloud.
Oh, he was dangerous all right.
She didn’t care.
The slight buzz from the margaritas at the bachelorette party, the sexual sizzle ignited by the strippers who’d burst in on their party wearing camo fatigues with rip-away crotches, all contributed to her bravado.
In real life she would never hook arms with some random guy and sashay by his side to his room. But hell. This was Dane. The man of her fantasies. And, judging from the hunger in his expression as he looked down at her, the heat that passed between them where they touched, he wanted her.
Thank God she wasn’t still the dorky teen with braces she’d been when they’d last met.
She looked amazing tonight. He happened to wander by and notice her. No one else was around. And he wanted her.
It was as though, somehow, magically, all the stars had aligned.
There was no way—no way—she would miss this opportunity.
Excitement danced low in her gut as he swiped his room key and led her into his suite. It was a nice suite—not as sumptuous as Angie’s, but nice all the same—with a small sitting area and an enormous king bed. The windows looked out on the sparkling lights of the City that Never Slept. Or one of them.
“Can I get you a drink?” he asked, taking off his watch and dropping it on the table by the door. It drew her attention to his forearms, thick and muscled and sprinkled with dark hairs. They were roped with thick veins. She’d always had a thing for bulky forearms. And she’d always had a thing for Dane. The combination was irresistible.
She tipped her head to the side and blew a bubble with her gum. “Margarita?”
He waved at the glossy wood armoire against the wall. “I have a mini bar. It’ll have to be shots. What’s your poison?”
“Tequila then.” Might as well keep a good thing going.
He hunkered down and searched through the fridge, pulling out a tiny bottle of tequila for her and whiskey for him. He cracked them open and dumped them unceremoniously into two glasses and handed her hers. No ice or anything.
Good thing it didn’t matter to her, or she’d be pissed at his cavalier attitude. The drink was lubricant, a time filler. They were dancing around a seduction, and they both knew it.
Apparently seduction was not necessary. Because Dane took a swig of his drink and said, with no preface whatsoever, “So do you have any no-nos?”
She gaped at him. “No-nos?”
“Anything you won’t do? Because I’ll be frank. I like a little kink.”
Holy God.
First of all, the heat scorching her was mind-numbing. Literally. Mind. Numbing. Those brash words from Dane’s gorgeous lips and she nearly lost her balance.
Second of all—he liked kink.
So, in fact, did she. Nothing super dark, but a little slap and tickle for sure.
“Um…” She took a sip of her drink. She shuddered as the harsh bite of liquor burned through her. It clashed with the flavor of her gum. “What kind of kink are we talking about?”
He strode to his suitcase and fished around, pulling out a long leather strap with two loops on the ends. Her eyes fixated on it. She shuddered.
“I want to tie you up,” he said, his voice low, taunting, as though he expected her to squeak like a mouse and scuttle from the room.
The. Fuck.
“Hmm. I think I can handle that.”
“I’ll probably smack your bottom.”
Also good. She tried not to flinch in anticipation. His hand on her ass? Gawd.
“I won’t hurt you, though. I’m not into that. And of course, I’ll use protection.” He held up a pack of condoms.
Well da-ham. He’d come prepared. A smile curled on her lips.
“Billy said your fee’s been paid.” His brow quirked.
The smile froze on Tina’s face. A combination of horror and rage and something else altogether snarled through her, as she realized how right she’d been. Not only did he not recognize her—after knowing her her entire life, for pity sake—he thought she was a hooker.
Granted, she did kind of look like a hooker, with makeup plastered on as if with a trowel. But still…
She glanced at him from beneath the impossibly long lashes The Master had glued to her lids. Not her style, but she liked the way they looked. The way they made her feel…like someone else. Someone sultry and daring. Someone Dane would want.
To tie up and spank.
Aside from that, the temptation to have him, taste him, fuck him, ran rampant in her. For years she’d fantasized about her older brother’s best friend. All through puberty and long after that. Every man she’d met, dated or been with had been gauged against Dane Coulter. None of them had measured up.
Ah yes, the temptation to have him was overwhelming.
Not to mention how much fun it would be watching him shit a brick tomorrow, when he realized who she really was.
Too delicious to pass up, really. The whole package.
He stood there in the middle of the room, holding the strap in one hand and the condoms in the other, waiting for her reply. Though he was all Dom, she couldn’t help but notice a hint of tension in him, as though he was, on some level, afraid she’d say no and waltz away.
He wanted her. And he wanted her bad. It was the heat in his eyes that gave him away, the way they flicked over her and burned with hunger. Yeah. Irresistible.

Sure. She could be a hooker for the evening.

To learn more about the other stories of BTHK visit Sabrina's website.

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Brushes with Fame

Yesterday I was attending a kid's birthday party with my youngest. It was held by a group of people that I know and am friends with, but I don't know them all really well, if that makes any sense. The birthday mom was a friend's sister, with a lot of her family there. It was a very fun relaxed environment with the kids running around trying to save the universe Avengers style.

 Toward the end of the party I found myself hanging out in the living room, chatting with all the adults. People started talking about Chris Pratt and his Guardians of the Galaxy role. But, not in a way that most people talk about him. They were talking about recognizing his voice, and how funny it was to see him on the screen. My confusion must have shown on my face because a friend leaned over to explain that "they [waving her hand] all went to high school with him."

Huh. Very cool.

It reminded me of listening to Jane Porter speak once and she mentioned that one of her characters physically resembled Mariska Hargitay...because they know each other. They were bridesmaids in a the same wedding.

Can you imagine how awesome that wedding album must be?

So, I started wondering, do you have any "I knew them when" stories? Or brushes with fame?


Summertime Slump

I don't know about all of you, but I've been experiencing something of a Summer Slump when it comes to my routines.
The kids are still out of school, so my morning writing time is being invaded with small people wanting to watch movies or play Legos. We've taken a few trips here and there, which always throws everything in't chaos for awhile--not only while we're on the trip, but during the recovery time too.

One kid was in baseball, the other just started football. We've had people visiting.

Long story short (too late, I know) the summer schedule tends to be more of "hang on!" than my regular routine.  I'm craving my routine.

So, to take a tiny baby step back into the swing of things, let's talk about the summer reads we've all enjoyed this year. I've been diving into my TBR list and have found two that I'm really enjoying.

Kristen Proby & Cora Cade. And, since I've enjoyed them both so much, I'll award one lucky commenter the first of the series from one of these two authors just for sharing some of their summer time reads!

Winner will be chosen on Friday August 15th at noon PST. Feel free to share this post far and wide for more opportunities to win!

**UPDATE** Since Kristen's first book in the series is still free on Amazon, if the winner would like, I'll award the second book in the series instead.