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Resolutions-time to make 'em

I've been down and out with a nasty bug this week (yeah, I know, Merry Christmas to me!) so this is going to be short and sweet.

It's that time of year where we all start thinking out resolutions. The good, the bad, the ugly...they come back every year. And typically the same ones: I'm going to grow 6 inches so my weight matches my height. I'm going to work out every day. I'm going to eat right, get a promotion, go on a fabulous trip...something. Something wonderful.

Well, this year I decided on a resolution as I was digging through the thousands of photos I've taken looking for a family pic to use on our Christmas card.  I found one. ONE. That's it.
How about a pic with just me and the Hubs? Again, one. Ok, there were about a zillion pics of that one pose thanks to my friend holding down the shutter button on the camera, but what equated to one picture.

So, this year, I'm vowing to get more family photos and more pics of me with my guys. Essentially, I will be in more pictures.

How about you? Any resolutions, no matter how small?

I wish you all a fabulous New Year!!

Christmas prep in full swing!

I don't know about all of you, but Christmas prep is in full swing at my house. And by that I mean I've cut back on a lot of what I typically do to decorate because, "How is it already the week of Christmas?!" has hit me big time.

So, the basics...the tree is up:

I'm doing what I can to keep the cat out of the tree:

And I've baked some cookies. Mine don't look nearly this nice.

But, when it all comes down to it, I just can't wait to spend some quality time with my guys later this week.

How about you? Are you all ready for the holiday celebrations? Or are you still circling the mall looking for parking?


Remember When?

Do you remember the first time you saw things in public that you were sure your mom would flip out about, but she didn't?

I remember giggling over the National Geographic magazine showing the tribal people of some distant land, painted, pierced and delightfully, disgustingly, nude. Then having that same magazine arrive at our house in the mail. I kept waiting for my mother to throw her hands in the air and declare the whole thing dreadful before tossing that publication in the trash bin, muttering about decency and propriety the whole while.

Much to my surprise, she didn't. Instead she read the whole thing and even discussed parts of it with my father. Over dinner! (Oh the horror)

Well, this weekend, my youngest son had such an experience. Hubs and I took the boys to Buca di Beppo after finishing the last of our shopping. Anyone who has been to Buca knows of their over the top Italian decor and I didn't think anything of it.

Right up until Alex motioned me to his side, eyes wide as saucers. I was a bit concerned that he'd hurt himself somehow, so was woefully unprepared when his stage whisper of, "That statue has privates!!" reached my ears.  I turned and spotted a small replica of The David tucked in an alcove behind me. Turning back I assured him it was supposed to be like that. "But why?" Because it's art.

And I completely lost it when he muttered, completely disgruntled, "Well, it's art when you tell me to put my shorts back on too."

I've really got to get him to a museum.


WINNER of the Angel Nicholas giveaway!

Congratulations to ALISON, the winner (drawn from random name picker thing) of 

Thank you so much to everyone to stopped by to comment. Don't forget that you can purchase the book at all major retailers now.

Thanks again Angel and Congratulations ALISON!! 


Introducing Angel Nicholas and her debut novel SWEET DECEPTION and GIVEAWAY!

I'd like everyone to meet Angel. We met a couple of years ago through Facebook believe it or not. I can't exactly remember the details, but before I knew it I'd connected with a kindred spirit from the next state over. Isn't the internet fun?

And I am THRILLED to announce her debut release SWEET DECEPTION, which is available now. 

I've asked Angel to stop by and answer some FAQ so everyone can get to know her and get a taste of her new book. One lucky person will be gifted a copy of SWEET DECEPTION, to be drawn on Friday, December 12 at 12:30pm PST. 

Now to be all official....

The only girl in the midst of four brothers, Angel Nicholas spent her childhood hiding behind romance novels. Now the mother of four overly-energetic children, a Whimsy kitty and slobber-flinging Great Dane, fiction is still her refuge. Excessive caffeine fuels her typing, stiletto heels maintain her sass, and the splendors of Idaho alongside its gregarious people inspire her muse.

Find Angel on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Goodreads, and on her website! You can also favorite her Amazon Author Page to receive emails when new books are available!

Here's the back copy blurb for the book:

Ally Thompson’s life is perfect. Calm, quiet, some might even say boring. The sole survivor of a tragic accident, she’s not the adventurous type—something she’s decided to change.

One roller-coaster ride…
A murder and a detective in disguise shatter Ally’s first attempt at “fun.” Detective Greg Marsing is everything Ally knows better than to want. The gun-totting, tattooed scumbags trying to kill her are almost a welcome distraction from her pointless attraction.

Blows her world wide open…
A contract on Ally has every lowlife for miles gunning for her. Sparks fly while she and her unlikely hero scramble to unravel clues. As the deadly game escalates, Greg has to decide if self-preservation rates higher than a love worth dying for.

FAQ by Angel:

Have you always been a writer, or is there a pivotal moment that started you on your journey?

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. Writing was how I expressed all my teenage angst. I have a folder full of dark prose and weepy poetry! There was a long period where I set it aside, however. Instead of pursuing my dream of becoming a freelance photojournalist after high school, I pursued life. Children came along. Who knew the little darlings were so distracting? I found hobby after hobby to occupy myself with as they grew—in number and years. Then one night I had a dream so vivid that it would not leave me alone. So I sat down at the computer I used to maintain my then husband’s business and began writing. And wrote and wrote and wrote. I was like a woman obsessed. It started out horrid and was writing completely wrong, but I kept writing. I finished that story, and moved on to another. Then another. In the process, I educated myself about writing and the publishing industry. I’ve always believed that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Four and a half years later, here I am. I must have done one or two things right, don’t you think? ;-)

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

The marabou slippers, feather boas, bon bons, and pink champagne of course, dahling!

Oh, you were being serious? Hmm… I have always enjoyed the ability to create something from nothing, whether I was doing heirloom sewing or knitting or anything else. Writing is an extension of that. You sit down to a blank screen and you weave this intricate story. You create real people out of thin air, breathe life into them, and send them on this incredible journey that gives them even more depth. Then you send it out into the world, and pray it moves people just a little. It’s truly the most incredible thing I’ve ever done, aside from giving birth to and raising my munchkins.

Do you prefer dogs, cats, or none of the above?

Ha! More like ALL of the above! I’m an animal lover to the core. I currently have three cats, which was unintentional, I swear. I’m no longer allowed anywhere near the Humane Society for fear I’ll come home with more. Home feels wrong without a dog though! Rental properties are oddly against their renters owning 170 pound Great Danes. I think it’s an unfair restriction, personally. An ill-behaved dog is destructive no matter their size. So the Dane is still with the ex-husband at the ex-house. I miss him desperately.

Last question:  Do you have any shameless addictions—Starbucks, shoes, sunglasses, coins, books?

*snort* Everyone who knows me is well-aware of my addictions! Coffee, ridiculously high heels, and books. I’m not the least bit shy about indulging or sharing. I’m less vocal about things like my enjoyment of excellent food and fine weaponry of any kind.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Carmen! You’re a doll! If you don’t mind, I’ll say farewell by giving your readers a taste of my new release, Sweet Deception. Hugs & kisses!!


Oh, God! He was shooting at her. Actually shooting. In broad daylight. In her neighbor’s backyard. Didn’t they have rules about that sort of stuff?

Nerves shredded, Ally gritted her teeth. Three more feet. Two. Another crunch. She swore the heat of the bullet singed her shoulder. Arms extended, she jumped for all she was worth. Up, braced her arms and pushed off. She landed with an oomph on the other side, followed by another crunch and a hole in the wood fence.

For a split-second, she crouched panting, staring in disbelief at the fence towering over her head. Had she really done that?

Cursing from the other side got her up and moving again. Squealing tires and a revving engine brought her head around. A car tore into the alley and raced toward her. More bad guys? Had he called in reinforcements?

Ally froze.      

Did I do something horrible in a past life to deserve this?

Truly, I’ll help the poor. Serve food at the soup kitchen. Go to church every Sunday. Donate money to the shelter. I’ll even babysit my friend’s bratty kids.

Just please, please, please get me out of this alive.

The shiny black Camaro careened to a stop with the driver’s side door facing her. Heavily tinted windows revealed nothing. In a last desperate bid for freedom, she darted past the door. Strong arms encircled her waist and dragged her back toward the idling car.
“No!” Ally screamed like a banshee, flinging out her arms and legs, scrabbling for purchase. Hard hands sent her flying across the front seat.


“Let me go!” She dove for the door handle.

“Ally!” He grabbed her elbow and pulled her back, away from the passenger door. “Damn woman, you are way more trouble than you’re worth.”

Almost blind with panic, she twisted around and crouched on the seat, prepared to draw blood.

Shocked hazel clashed with furious aqua. Her mouth fell open. Muttering under his breath, Detective Marsing threw the car into gear and spun out of the alleyway. She whipped her head around in time to see a blocky head pop up over the privacy fence as they disappeared around the corner. She’d done it. Escaped. Stayed alive. Like an atomic bomb, the events of the past hours and the emotions she’d worked so hard to control mushroomed up, exploding inside. Tears stung.

“Can’t you stay out of trouble for five minutes?”

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