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Taking the time for yourself

Hi all,
I've been taking a little break from blogging (as you've probably noticed) and this past week I called a time out on pretty much everything else. Like most of us, I've been burning the candle at both ends and really needed to regroup. I was burning out due to the increased demands of the day job, the kids constant requests, the feeling that I needed to write more and more and move up my timeline for publication. Toss in the fact that any goofing off I was doing on social media was filled with the hard selling "Buy my book! Look at my book! Review my book!" type posts and I needed to step back.

The past several days have been filled with family & friends. No writing, no social media (except for what had already been scheduled) and no pressure. I helped my Hubs & kids load wood from the 150-ish foot tree we had cut down. It may not sound like fun, but we were together, laughing while we worked. (And I'm still sore from doing it...I need to work out more) We headed North to the tulip fields, one of my favorite things to do. My boys are getting to the age where they no longer find it quite so fun to tromp through the fields while I take all the photos I can, but they were pretty good sports about it all. We went out to eat, drank quite a bit and laughed.

These are the moments I've been missing. The moments that I've stuffed so full of everything that I was forgetting to enjoy.

No more.

Now I'm back. I may not blog every week, but I'm back to doing what I want to do and having fun while I do it.

I hope you all have had a great Spring Break (if you get one) and get a chance to take a few moments for yourself too.

If you want to steal a few minutes on FB, I'm featuring 25 Days of Cowboys over on my FB page. Stop by and say high. I'd love to see you.