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It's the most...craziest...time of the year!

I hope things are going well for all of you during this crazy time of the year.

Around here, I figured I'd take this week off from the day job in order to get things ready for our holiday. And by take the week off, that, of course means that I've answered several day job emails so far and have two meetings scheduled for tomorrow. *insert unimpressed look here*

And the kids have been to two parties so far, with another happening later today, Hubs is heading to the dentist and I have to hit the post office to ship off that one package that I forgot all about until late last night.

But, aside from all the craziness, I'm really looking forward to when things grind to a halt with the outside demands and we all take some time to hang out and enjoy just being able to spend time with one another.

So, here's me, wishing you and yours a very relaxing (as relaxing as it can be) rest of the  year. I hope your holiday celebrations, whatever they are, bring a ton of joy and laughter.

It's almost time for New Years Resolutions. Have you given those any thoughts yet?