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Late to the Party, Discovering Well Known Authors

A few days ago I had a friend post on Facebook that she was going to start watching a show. Maybe most of us had heard of it: Game Of Thrones. She'd very kindly let us know if she thinks the rest of us would like it and if we should watch it too.

The post made me laugh. It also made me admit that I haven't watched GoT at all yet. I have read a couple of the books, which are fantastic, but my TV time is limited these days. I'm more of a reader, I assured myself. It was fine.

And then I realized that I've been late to the reading party often as well. Like, really late. As in, the party is practically over and I come waltzing through the door. *insert eyeroll*

Just last year I read Jill Shalvis for the first time. And I promptly got on Twitter and demanded why none of my friends had mentioned her to me before. The objections were loud and numerous--yeah, whatever. I know they somehow hid her from me. Sort of like hiding behind the sheer curtain, but still.  So, a year later, I'm still reading Jill. A couple weeks ago I was in desperate need for a light, contemp so I once again turned to Ms. Shalvis for the answer and ran smack into the Wilder brothers who were tired of being ignored.

A month or two ago I went out for drinks with some reader friends and decided to load up some of my extra conference books to bring to them. Among them were author Marie Force. I'd introduced a couple of the girls to Marie last October, but others still hadn't heard of her. I sat back while one of my new converts told all about Marie's Gansett Island series (the first in this series Maid For Love is currently free), the Fatal series and how great she is. My work here is done. *patting myself on the back*

But, my Game of Thrones watching friend made me realize that with so many options, it's hard for us to see the authors right in front of us sometimes.

So, tell me about your favorites. The new-to-you, hiding behind the sheer curtain finds that you can't imagine why no one told you about this author before, books that are now on your readers.


Happiness Is

In light of the Facebook mood experiment a few weeks ago, I've been thinking of all the positives of daily life. I have no idea if I was randomly chosen to participate in the study, but going back over my newsfeed I find mostly positive comments.

And I love it. To say I'm an optimist would probably be simplifying the matter a bit. I simply believe in the best. Now, don't get me wrong, I know there are some nasties out there. I know that life isn't always fair and that things don't always work out the way I want them to.

But I chose to find the joy in the little things.

I think it's important that I decide what makes me happy, not anyone else.

And, for the most part, the people I chose to surround myself with seem to feel the same way.

So, I ask you: what makes you happy? What do you find the simple joy in?