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Cats or Dogs

You know the saying, never work with animals or children? Well, in my current book I've got both. I don't know why other than my life is a current cycle of the kids and the animals needing something, so that's trickling over.

But, it's time to answer the age-old question;



Take another look:

I'm torn. I think I want them all. ;-)

What do you think?

Gearing up for the new TV season

I don't know about all of you, but every year I eagerly anticipate the new television season. I set up the DVR to record the shows I'm sure I'm going to love...and most of the time I never watch them.

This year is no different, but I'm sure to watch at least one of the shows I'm waiting for.

In no particular order:

I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple of them, but...what are you eagerly anticipating?

And, I have to say, I don't get Starz. It's killing me waiting for Outlander to arrive on Netflix or Prime or any of the other sites. Anyone know if there's any plans for that to happen before the second season? Or should I suck it up and order Starz?


What'cha Reading Wednesday

I love finding new authors and series. LOVE it. So, I'm going to start popping up occasionally and ask what everyone is reading.  I won't do it every week, but when I think of it. And feel free to shoot me a note telling me when you want to pimp out a book or author and I'll do a post.

For me, I'm re-reading Jill Shalvis' Animal Attraction. My sister had been in a reading slump, so I rec'd the series to her. 
And then I started reading it again. Love when that happens. 

So, what are you guys reading? What are you looking forward to?


Back to the Grindstone

 So, the kids are back to school (YAY!) and we've dealt with the typical not wanting to go to school, I'm so tired, I don't feel well, excuses. All in the first week! Lucky us! (Careful, don't let the sarcasm drip on you...)  But for all the love I was professing to routine and schedules, I haven't accomplished anything since the kids went back. I mean, the house is still standing, clothes are-relatively-clean and everyone gets fed daily. That's something, right? But that's about it so far.

So, now it's time to set some goals for me. Or really get down to business with reshaping those items I let slide in the craziness of the summer.

First, writing time. Every day. No excuses. No brain being too tired to even try. That's all bunk. I will write EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Next, that whole diet and exercise thing. I've been doing better with the food choices lately (trying hard to pretend those sunflower seeds are just as good as the Almond Joy staring at me from the candy dish at work), but I need to start doing the whole exercise thing. EVERY DAY.

Yeah, notice a trend here? Too often I'm letting everyone else's schedule push mine off track, so I'm going to take that back. That's going to mean getting back in the habit of us at 5am (yawn) in order to accomplish things, but it's going to happen.

Tell me what the last thing you did for yourself was! We can encourage each other.