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Was that out loud?

Do you remember when you were a kid, and your mom would tell you to use your "inside" voice? Or put on your "listening ears"?
Since I started writing, I've been forced to realize that I sometimes say things out loud, that probably would have been better if I'd only thought them.
For example: "This would be a good place to dump a body." That one turned more than a few heads at the family reunion we were attending at the time. To put an even more amusing twist on it, my husband's 90 year old great aunt had great fun loudly speculating who I was planning on killing off.
I've also been known to ask a sales girl at a clothing store about the security of their back room and dressing rooms. Thank god she had a sense of humor when I belated realized how creepy that question sounded.
I'm lucky enough to spend most days with a former trauma surgeon. He's gotten pretty used to me starting a conversation with, "If I shot someone here [pointing]..." or "What type of an exit wound would an arrow make?" or "If I were to drug someone...." He hardly ever asks if I'm asking for my writing anymore.
What are some of the funny things you've said?

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The Idea Store

Where do you get your ideas?

I'm not even a published writer (yet), but I get that question all the time. Let's take a little trip into my brain...scary, I know.  My ideas come from everywhere. Yeah, I know, that's not a very exciting answer, but it's the truth. The other day I was having breakfast with erotica author Sabrina York ( and she told me about a submissions call. Side note, if you ever have a chance to have breakfast with Sabrina, order a side of bacon. Trust me, it will keep her so happy to have her own little plate of bacon to drool over, she'll agree to practically anything. ;-)

Anyway, Sabrina was telling me about a submissions call and outlining her story idea. Without hesitation I whipped out my notebook and started jotting down MY story idea. She kept talking, I kept writing (this is why we're friends-no worries about stolen ideas or anything), and now I'm a couple thousand words into my own story.

Or there was the time I dragged my hubby to the ballet and by the time the first act was over I'd plotted out a murder mystery involving a deranged ballerina.

Or the jerk at the pool while I was waiting for my kid's swim lessons to end, who was being overly friendly with a woman who wanted nothing to do with him.

Or....see what I mean. It doesn't take much to send my imagination off to the idea store.  Now if only I had an extra 5 hours of writing time every day so I could play with all the ideas....

I'm new to blogging and the whole website thing (my new site is, but I'm slowly getting everything up and running. 

As I slog my way through all the technology I hope you'll check back and see what I'm up to.

See you soon,