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Lori Lyn talks about walking in her character's shoes plus GIVEAWAY

I'm thrilled to welcome Lori Lyn to stop by and chat about a couple of my favorite things: shoes and characters.
AND, TWO lucky visitors will be given an ebook copy of her debut novel, The Archery Contest.

So, what are we waiting for?

(Waving) Hi, Carmen! I’m absolutely thrilled to be invited to join you and your readers. You always have such fun things to chat about – like your blog on swag or your review of Parker’s Passion.

Well, when we discussed me popping on here, I teased we could talk about shoes.

I love shoes, especially heels. Give me a sexy blue sling-back with a 3 ½” heel and I’m one happy girl. Being a short woman (5 foot and almost 1 inch), like Carmen, I can wear high heels. The Capt. (my fella) is about 10 inches taller than me so no worries. Most people don’t realize just how short I am because I am almost always wearing heels.

The year of my currently available book, THE ARCHERY CONTEST, is 1812, the Regency-era. My heroine, Willy, doesn’t have the option to wear an extra couple inches. She’s tiny and her only choices are pretty much no heel, let alone a sexy sling-back. At best, you might have a ½” or thereabouts. Most often women wore the equivalent of a ballet slipper.

Some people would be perfectly content to just have a modest shoe option. I was that way for many years.

But how would someone else feel? Would being only able to select from a couple pairs of shoes be a hardship? Would it make them feel inferior, angry, jealous? Or do they care? Are their priorities different? Or perhaps they are even proud of not caring, and then – why?

I often get asked how I create characters. But I don’t really create them. It’s more like they unveil themselves to me, bit by bit. And even things such as a pair of shoes can reveal something significant about this “person”.

I’m what’s called in the writing industry as a “pantser”, someone who writes by the seat of their pants. In other words, I really don’t plot things out. And while I may not know the direction of the story in detail, I have to know the characters. That means things even as seemingly inconsequential as which shoes they’d wear.

It’s really that you have to know why they would wear those particular shoes.

Now, I might not use that bit of detail in the story, but I have to know it. I have to know how this “person” would react, what choices they might make, what they could say in any given situation. I can, as the author, create the story or situations however it is very hard to “control” a character. Ask any fiction writer.

And to be honest, I really had my hands full with both Alex and Willy, my hero and heroine from my debut release, THE ARCHERY CONTEST. Alex already had a history with me. He appeared first in THE COUNTRY BUTLER which is due out this Fall. Plus he is quite a dynamic character. Of course, Willy is certainly no shrinking violet, herself.

The job of an author is to make characters live and breathe and to create a story just for them. And once we know those characters from birth to now (whenever that “now” is), then we can share their journey with the world.

The Archery Contest is currently available: Visit Kobo, Amazon, or B&N to purchase.


The MEGA RT giveaway: TWO more weeks to enter

Sabrina York went to RT in New Orleans this year. And while she was there she assembled the biggest giveaway I've ever seen!

Here's her post:

The RT Booklovers convention in May was held in New Orleans, and did we have a blast! I picked up a TON of swag, goodies and books…all for one lucky winner. Additionally, I got some local treats including famous pralines…and a sparkly Tiara I bought there just for you.
Review the list below, and please check out the authors who contributed to this giveaway. Then enter the rafflecopter and don’t forget to tell your friends!
THANK YOU RT for a wonderful convention!

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Celebrating Dads

Yesterday I celebrated Father's Day by holing up in a small cottage and writing for a couple hours while my father-in-law, husband and two boys took off to go fishing. 

It was such a classic, "guy" thing for them to do I couldn't help but smile as I settled in for a couple hours to myself. Both of my father figures (my dad and my step-dad) passed away several years ago, so it warms my heart to see my boys doing all those things with their grandfather. Being able to go fishing, or build a bird house or playing catch. 

It's made me wonder about all the dads in books. Typically they're all larger than life, still heroes to their sons (despite their boys now being adults). 
Who are some of your favorite father figures?

And, can anyone tell me the best way to cook trout? The trip was quite a success.

I'm enamored with the Pineapples

While we were touring around New England I asked someone what was up with all the Pineapples I was seeing around on the souvenirs.

The shop owner happily explained that the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. When the ship captains returned safely, they would place a pineapple outside their homes to alert their neighbors that they were back and it was time to celebrate. To hear her tell it, soon a block party would erupt with everyone drinking rum.

I don't know how completely accurate her version is (with the block party and rum drinking) but I love the story. I want to write about a historical ship captain, just so I can have him throw one of these parties! Apparently the pineapple continues to be a big part of the architecture of the area, so you'll see it all over the place.

And much to my husbands chagrin, he's now having to deal with my pineapple obsession. I suppose it would be worse.

What about you? Have you ever discovered a little bit of history and adopted it as part of your own culture or style?

Love, Laughter and Travel

As many of you know, Hubs and I took a vacation a couple weeks ago. Just the two of us. My mother-in-law moved into our house to keep the children and beasts alive while we jetted our way to the other side of the country.  But, first, mother-in-law moved in. As in, she brought her own groceries and a bag so large that both children could have easily fit inside.  

 I was a little concerned that she wasn't planning on leaving. Looking back, I shouldn't have been worried because she was going to be alone with the kids for a full six days. Even if her original plan had been to extend her visit, they'd break her of that notion real quick.

So, off we went to explore Boston. Our first day the weather was gorgeous so Hubs decided we needed to try to see everything we possibly could. I thought he was in vacation mode, so everything would be a couple things and we'd find a bar somewhere for lunch and then meander on.  How have I been married to this man for so many years and have no idea that he doesn't meander? He marches. Quickly. And has a plan. And a route! Oh my goodness. I did everything I possibly could to keep up with his long legged stride as he dodged school children and pointed out the sites as we raced passed them. Right up until I stopped. This was a vacation, not a sprint. I was done, so we wound up taking a few breaks before heading over to the USS Constitution. It was a fun, wild day ending outside Fenway.

The next morning was much more overcast, so we took it easy a bit and went to the Pru, before wandering through the Commons. When the rainy mist started happening the Seattlite in me giggled at everyone whipping out their umbrellas. Pu-leeze. In all my smug superiority we continued on...only to have the clouds rip open and make me look like I'd entered a wet tee shirt contest.

Ahem. Yeah.

And THEN, we found the "General Hookers Entrance" to the Massachusetts State House. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a LONG time. My mind is seriously stuck in the gutter. I know, it's terrible. But I'm discovering all my friends are right there with me.

After leaving Boston, we headed down to Rhode Island to catch up with friends and attend the Marie Force Readers Weekend. We toured Block Island, the inspiration for her Gansett Island, and all over Newport. Such a fabulous time that I can't tell you all that much about because I'd be sued for defamation for sure. 

One of the highlights was visiting Block Island. If you've read Marie's Gansett series, you'd recognize the various locations and descriptions. We spent quite a bit of time hanging out on the beach behind the Surf hotel. And when it comes to my girlfriends and just can't take us anywhere. I consider this part of the trip payback for all the sprinting through Boston.

It wasn't until we were in Rhode Island that someone asked if we were on our second honeymoon. Huh. We should have thought of that! I guess we sort of were. Twelve years, two kids, one mother-in-law I was going to have to evict with a crowbar made for a lot of laughter and joy during this trip.

I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and have gotten back into the swing of things. What was the last trip you took? Or are you deep in the planning stages?

Be sure to stop by next Monday:

Lori Lyn is going to be my guest to talk about her debut novel, The Archery Contest. Please stop by and be entered to win an advanced copy!